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Type Of Crusher & How To Choose A Crusher

Crusher is an important machine for crushing sand aggregate. Currently, there are many types of crushers on the market: Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, Cone Crusher, Hammer Crusher and so on. How to choose the right crusher is very important. This article will tell you what are the types of crushers and how to choose them.


Different Types Of Crushers

Due to different working principles, we can divide the crushers into the following types:


Jaw Crusher: It consists of a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate. It uses two jaws to squeeze and bend the material to achieve crushing. It is suitable for coarse or medium crushing of various hardness materials. Although this crusher has a poor granular shape and a large needle-like content after being crushed, it is purchased and used by customers because of its simple structure, convenient maintenance, and easy replacement of the crushing plate.

Cone Crusher: A crushing machine suitable for medium or fine crushing work. Due to the improvement of the crushing cavity, the multi-cylinder cone crusher has greatly changed its grain shape and reduced pin flake shape. It is an ideal equipment to achieve "more breaking and less grinding".

Hammer Crusher: Hammer crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform discharge granularity and low energy consumption. However, due to the rapid wear of the hammer head, the application of crushing hard materials is limited; In addition, the purlin is afraid of clogging, and it is not suitable to use it to crush materials with high humidity and clay. This kind of crusher is usually used to crush brittle materials below medium hard.

Impact Crusher: Generally there are two types of stone hitting stone and stone hitting iron. Among them, the stone-on-stone impact crusher uses the stone-on-rock technology to achieve the mutual impact of stone and stone to complete the crushing, effectively protecting the working parts from abrasion. The vertical shaft impact crusher is light in structure and easy to install; the finished product has stable grain shape and extremely low pin-shaped content; small wear and low running cost; an internal circulating air flow is formed in the crushing cavity during the crushing process, and no dust overflow occurs. Large processing capacity and high sand formation rate make it an ideal model for artificial sand making and coarse aggregate shaping.


How To Choose A Crusher

There are several criteria you need to know when buying a crusher:


Choose the crusher according to the type of ore to be crushed, hardness, humidity, size, and your own daily crushing requirements, such as the size of the crusher inlet, the size of the power, the amount of crushing per hour.


Determine the power consumption, type and other equipment properties of the crusher. Look at the type of crusher, from the manufacturing process, the later maintenance is easy, that is, operating costs, maintenance costs, investment costs, etc.


Production Capacity: According to different models of machines, you need to know how much it imports and how much it produces.


Machine operating cost factors: understand how big the machine's power is and how much electricity it will consume.


Maintenance costs: Know the cost of repair parts for the machine. Availability and cost of replaceable parts, reduction ratio, maintenance requirements, manpower required, accessibility of maintenance parts, availability of spare parts.


Material type and hardness: The hardness of different materials is different. Mohs hardness is usually used to indicate the hardness of the material. The Mohs hardness is divided into 10 levels. The larger the Mohs hardness number, the harder the ore is and the more difficult it is to crush, and vice versa.

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